MollyDoo Baby charter

This is our pledge to you, our nursery and furniture trade customers.

Over the past year or so, our team here at MollyDoo Baby have been extremely busy and have made some huge changes to improve the ways we help provide you, our customers with exactly the product and the service that you're looking for and what your customers ask of you.

However, we want to (and we intend to) do even more. We want to remain the UK's & Europe's NUMBER ONE specialist supplier of baby's and children's mattresses.

Our customer pledge is based on the things that you have told us are important about your requ­ire­ments for baby & children's mattresses.

We are firmly committed to making those things real, making those things happen!

We can provide you with any size or shape of child's mattress at all. Any type of mattress filling, any type of mattress cover. Everything from the very, very basic moses basket mattress right up to the absolute top of the range junior bed mattress.......

EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US IN OUR TEAM cares as much about the quality of our baby and children's mattresses, just as much as you and your end users do. That's every single one of us including myself Nicholas, the sewing machinists, the packers, the guys and girls making springs and cutting the foam, all of the production staff and the dispatch staff, not forgetting out team in the offices answering your calls and emails and our factory manageress Marie who many of you have met over the years.

We are proud to state that our range is made entirely in the UK and that we are one of the few that still have a "sewing room".

Presently, we have over 50 talented and highly skilled people working with us to nurture our range of baby's and children's mattresses & huge range of changing mats. There is no room for second place as far as we are concerned – we aim to be the best provider of baby and children's mattresses.

We are confident that our children's mattresses are the best on the market and would be pleased to answer any questions you may have for us. Just contact us anytime info@­molly­do­obaby.­co.­uk & we'll get right back to you.

We have in house design and print for bespoke work. 

Should you have any enquiries for bespoke work, please just contact us. & ask for Kathy. You will be surprised how we could very easily help you "own brand" your mattresses etc. Origination charges start from just £35

From small beginnings, having had three prominent nursery shops in Lancashire, we have already reached our second generation of nursery mattress manuf­ac­turing. Our daughter Heather is back in the office from maternity leave.

Free of charge, MollyDoo Baby in-store mattress display stands, fully stocked with samples of fillings and fabrics, are available on request. If you just want "touchy feely" samples that take up less space, just ask us.

Should you require any other point of sale material or any other media we can assist with, please just give us a call. We are here to help you sell mattresses....

T: 01254 760750 (8 lines)

E: info@­molly­do­obaby.­co.­uk




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